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Medical Tourism Colombia: Personal CareIn healthcare, medical services and health travel, trust is essential and references to a specific doctor and clinic are usually through friends and family. Would you go abroad to get access to first class healthcare? Which country would you choose? Would you rather trust a doctor’s website or a friend when it comes to quality of service? Most patients want unbiased, transparent information about their medical procedure and the doctor performing it! This is where FlyClinic is adding value, not by referring you as a patient to a preferred doctor but giving you a choice by providing transparent and unbiased information of some of the best health professionals in Colombia. FlyClinic makes Health Travel and Medical Travel transparent.

“Are you crazy? Colombia?”, might be your first response. However, Health Travel specialists and Doctors agree that Colombia is probably the “best kept secret” in Health Travel and Medical Travel – Affordable Healthcare right around the corner. Decades of experience in research and being on the forefront of medical developments in the Americas, Colombia has some of the best doctors in the hemisphere working in state of the art clinics. FlyClinic’s CEO has more than 15 years of experience in Colombia and medical services in Colombia specifically. Sharing his personal experience and the first class service in Colombia with foreigners who might still be afraid because of decades-old horror stories about Colombia, Thomas founded FlyClinic in 2010. “Your health is our Priority” is FlyClinic’s slogan and we are living this day by day! Patients are not sold on packages but can actually choose their doctor out of a list of selected and audited professionals (Contact FlyClinic). Working closely with insurances and professional medical organizations, FlyClinic is making sure patients are only choosing from the best in their field.

Offering outstanding medical procedures as well as fertility and cosmetic treatments at 30%-80% less than rates in the USA is another deciding factor for many international patients. Even taking travel and accommodation expenses into account, your total cost of treatment (TCOT) still provides thousands of dollars in savings for major procedures. Health Travel and Medical Travel provide savings of up to 80% – This is Affordable Healthcare.

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